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My Personal Projects

A glempse into what I have been working on

Research Project & Paper

I am working with one of my mentor’s, a Ph.D candidate from Brown Unviersity’s Computer Vision Lab, Brandon Woodard. We are currently conducting a research project focused on further applications for Augmented Reality technology. Specifically the impact that augmented reality technology has on a user’s sense of control, presence, and perceived stress. We hope to wrap up our experiments and submit our paper for publication in the coming months.

Michigan Computer Science Social Club

I am also working on creating a club at the University of Michigan dedicated to Computer Science based social events. I feel that many people disregard computer science students' ability to be social, and I want to start a club geared toward networking, meeting like-minded students, and general collaboration instead of competition. The club is still in its infant stages, but hopefully soon we will get approval from the university!

Personal Website

This project itself has been a personal project of mine for roughly 3 years. I love working on it because it encompasses a lot of different skills related to website work. While working on this website I been able to practice python, javascript, html, and css. Not to mention the fact that before I started this project I had no idea how to use linux, emacs, or ssh.